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Trinity Wellness Center

Sport-Specific Training


Trinity Wellness Center has multiple staff members that have competed at some of the highest level in sports. Luke Buffum, the owner is a member of the NCSU Sports Medicine staff and tries to utilize his experiences to make Trinity the best provider for you returning to sport. Our core philosophy is that you should leave Trinity as an athlete who has not only overcome an injury but returns to your sport with better strength, stability, mobility, and balance than you had before your injury.  We work hard to identify imbalances or improper training patterns so that you return with a substantially decreased  risk for future injury. We look to tailor your rehab to include sport-specific exercises and try to utilize only the latest surgical protocols that are used at the highest levels of sport. Partnership with CrossfitRDU has allowed Trinity clinicians access to both a state of the art facility and skilled strength and conditioning specialists where athletes can be transitioned from rehab to a return to the highest levels of strength training to both improve performance and minimize injury risk.


Prior to discharge from our care, we look  to use tests such as the Functional  Movement Screen or other specific joint/motion tests to make sure we utilize objective data to base your return to sport on. This should minimize the risk of reinjury and avoid compensation of other joints that will predispose you to  other injuries.


Trinity Wellness Center offers sport-specific training for the developing athlete that emphasizes injury prevention while maximizing performance through various exercises. These programs help minimize the risk of common injuries in young athletes allowing them to reach their full athletic potential without being sidelined by injury.  Examples of such programs include:


  • ACL Injury Prevention
  • Agility / Speed / Plyometric Training
  • Biomechanical Analysis & Training
  • Jumping Programs
  • Throwing Programs
  • Running Programs